Friday, May 01, 2009

Well shit...

I always thought I was lucky to live in Texas - at least from a natural disaster perspective. Sure we have earthquakes but not the kind that will take us off into the sea. And yes, there are tornados, but we're no Kansas, right? When the poles switch places, the polar icecaps melt, or whatever happens when it gets all freezy up north, Texas gets to be a modern day Minnesota - cold but still liveable. The terrorists may want to take out symbolic sites, but unless they've got a fondness for the Alamo, Texas ain't high on their list.
But now I go and read that in the worst case pig flu scenario, Texas comes up short. So shit. I can avoid random, movie-making natural disasters, but the black plague? No such luck. But don't worry. I'm not hysterical or anything. I like to leave that kind of MASS PANIC to the parents of 3rd graders and CNN. I mean, really. I listen to sound words of advice, not fear-mongering. It's a good thing we have our national leaders here to talk some sense into me, isn't that right, Mr. Biden?