Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spinster Insurance

So apparently you can freeze your eggs now, not just fertilized embryos (redundant use of adjective?). It cost $5000, which I definitely can't afford. I guess if I can't afford to freeze my eggs in the near future, it's probably a pretty good sign I couldn't afford to have a kid - not to mention my lack of want.

A reader on Jezebel defined it as spinster insurance and that? is the funniest thing I've heard all week. (Combined with the thought of relying on men to take a bc pill everyday. As if.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Apparently it's rude to correct other people's grammar. And apparently people remember things like that about you. It's not my fault some people can't speak the English language correctly.

On a related note, commercials could really use English degree holders to do a little editing in lame, product-driven dialogues. Just saying.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I look like I've had a stroke.

How long does it take for numbness to wear off? I had my FIRST! EVER! cavity filled this morning. It was a pretty horrific experience. I can handle shots and all that jazz, but the mere thought of having an actual hole in my tooth worked on by a man who wears jeans to work through me into a bit of a tizzy. Not to mention the fact that I noticed both the dentist and the assistant watching the Today show more than once while their hands were in my mouth. Not cool at all. A good thing of note is that apparently shots for numbing the gums have decreased in length. I had quite a few dentist visits that involved mouth numbing a few years ago (damn concrete driveway that decided to jump up and pulverize my teeth!), and I swear to god that I thought the needle would poke through my gums and go right on through to my brain. I have no clue how such a long needle is used for such a tiny space like gums.

So back to my original point: how long for the numbness to wear off? It's been 3 hours now and I still look like I'm the gross side of the before/after pic in the doctor's office. My coworker actually kicked me out of his office, because he couldn't accept the fact that he'll probably have a stroke sometime in his life. (You can imagine how this conversation got started, given the state of the sagging right side of my face.) Little or big, don't most people have some version of a stroke when they're old and feeble? Don't get mad at me. I didn't make the rules. It's their game and we're all just playing in it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

That movie about Jesse James? Blows.

Why is it that all sucky movies insist on extending my misery past the two hour threshold? I'm not saying all long movies suck, but all sucky movies are long. Brad Pitt wasn't even cute. What a disappointment. I also read somewhere that he looks like ass in HDTV. That's disappointing as well. I wonder what his butt (in Troy) looks like in HD. I might have to try it out soon.

I'm attempting to find a Halloween costume but nothing is calling to me except Buffy the Vampire Slayer and there's not really a definitive costume that goes with that. Except for the stake she carries around and cross she wears. Plus I'd have to buy a cross and a stake. Those seem like odd things to purchase for a Halloween costume. Although probably not as weird as the fake guns and bulletproof vests I want to buy for my Mr. and Mrs. Smith idea. I have to find a Mr. Smith. Or at least a Mr. who doesn't mind being a Smith for Halloween.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forever 21 is the ultimate class equalizer.

Anthropologie is suing F21 for ripping off their designs (as are Anna Sui, Gwen Stefani aka LAMB, DVF, and other fashion bigwigs). As if these designers didn't ultimately rip off their ideas from others as well. And it's not like the factories aren't right next door to each other - F21's and high-end designers'.

The most important part of this story is the fact that I can't afford to buy the crap that LAMB or Anthro sells or at least not on a regular basis. I can afford to shop at F21. I love how all these fashion gurus think only really wealthy people should be able to dress well. I like clothes. I like nice clothes. I like style. I cannot, however, afford to spend $100-$200 on a trendy, cotton top from the pretties listed above. I can buy one at F21 for less than $20 though. I know it won't last more than a few washes, and I know I'm likely to have to sew a button back on. But give me a break. For a trendy summer shirt that isn't going to last longer than one season, what difference does it make?

While I don't always like F21 (and I certainly don't like their Bible verse printed on the bottom of every bag), I'm with them on this fight. Bringing fakes to the masses is a fight I can get behind.