Thursday, June 28, 2007

I hope she doesn't go blind.

J's having lasik today. Good luck! I hope you can still see me in all my stunningly beautiful glory after it's all said and done.

Don't worry. If worse comes to worse I'll read the next Harry Potter book out loud to you, just so you know what happens.

Stupid email coupons...

I hate when online retailers send you bogus coupons. The subject says "20% off" and I'm all excited. Yes! I want 20% off. So I take the time to open the email and scroll down, only to realize that it's 20% off a purchase of $100 or more. I do not want to spend $100, hence the excitement at the 20% off, especially at the Gap where I'm pretty sure I could buy everything in the whole store for $100. (Of course I'm just kidding about being able to purchase the whole store - I know I'd have to wait a week for it all to go on sale.) Know thy audience, online retailers!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Enjoying Veronica Mars - again.

My girlfriends and I have started a Veronica Mars Tuesday night... thing. We call it Veronica Mars Tuesdays. Shut up. Sometimes obvious beats creative.

We watch 3 episodes at a time and I'm the only one that's seen them before. I love listening to everyone guess about who raped Veronica, who killed Lily, etc. They're all wrong, of course, but it's great fun. And I realize how dumb I was the first time I watched the show, because I never even thought to guess who did what. I pretty much assumed I had no clue and left it at that. My friends are also very talented guessers. They haven't got anything right yet, but they do notice some of the more subtle clues. I'm impressed - and maybe a little frightened. Remind me never to underestimate the intelligence of my girls.

B missed it, so I told her she had to catch up on We'll see if she's up to snuff next week.

I freakin' love that show. I hate the CW for canceling it. I can only hope that the new comic book series will be great, and that Rob Thomas follows through with his movie idea. I'd love to see our dear Veronica in 10 years. I have a sneaking suspicion that she and I would have a lot in common. Except for the girl detective part. And probably a lot of pop cultural references. But other than that? Twins, baby.

A New Start

I can’t afford a good therapist (at least not longer than 6 sessions, which is the insurance mandated maximum and apparently just long enough to get on drugs and see how you “take” to them), so I’m starting over here. Hopefully this will be an exercise of proper displacement and I can exude all my lackluster sarcasm and constantly recurring negativity out “there.” And if no one reads this, well, that’s potentially the story of my life so it’s not a huge loss in the grand scheme of things.

I reserve the right to come back and edit this at will, as I’m certain I’ll be horrified (as my mood-inducers determine) at some of my musings. So if you want to blackmail me, I suggest you copy and paste.

I watched The Goonies last night. I got it on sale at Target last week (or the week before?) for $7.50. I can afford DVDs at that price. Only it seems I got what I paid for. It paused through a large portion of the movie. It didn’t skip, it would just pause for moments at a time, whenever it felt like it, apparently at points specifically designed to cause maximum irritation. The DVD, however, grossly underestimated my laziness. It wasn’t just that I was too lazy to move my hand to the side table and grab the remote. No, there was more to it than that. See, to turn off the movie meant I had to replace it with TV. That meant I’d have to scroll through all the basic cable channels to find something I could stand to have on in the background. As I hate most things forensic related, and I’m not a movie-of-the-month-fan, that leaves me with MTV or the History Channel. Further, I was upstairs and I don’t get MTV up there. (Actually I do get it but I’m not about to stare through the fuzz long enough to figure out what the wrong color is for a Range Rover for this week’s birthday bash. Non-fuzzed version? Yeah, I’d tune in for that.) So History Channel, right? Only if it’s about WWII or Nostradamus or tools or some such nonsense, I’m not interested. Which leaves me back to scrolling through the numerous channels. See? I’m a thoughtful lazy person. It’s not simply about pointing a remote – it’s about mental stimulation.

My point is that I want to take the Goonies DVD back to Target but I’m not sure I have the receipt. I just want to replace it with an exact copy since my copy doesn’t work very well. The only problem is that I returned a couple DVDs for G a few months ago to Target without a receipt. Apparently they keep your name for stuff like that and only allow so many per year. I knew helping out G would screw me in the end. (I’m lovely like that.)

I think I’ll go through all my plastic Target bags that I have stashed under my sink to see if the receipt is in the abyss somewhere. It’s only $7.50, right? You’d think someone with my mountain of debt would look at something so trivial and not worry but you’d be wrong. I only spend mightily and without caution on things that costs gazillions of dollars. If I can buy it at Target, I’m examining every nook and cranny of that baby to make sure it’s perfect. If I went to a doctor on a regular basis, I’d like to think he or she would name something after me.