Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been home sick for 3 straight days...

and yet I've done more work in these 3 days than I do in a week at my actual office. It turns out my brain really works well in the after midnight hours. That must be why I find Frasier so much funnier before midnight than after. That's not to say Frasier isn't funny. Sometimes it is. But it's not Mensa funny. Apparently Mensa thinks they know what smart tv shows are. I beg to differ if this is really the best they have to offer. If you don't want to bother clicking on the link, I'll do the damage for you. Here's their list of smartest shows:

The West Wing
Boston Legal
All in the Family
Mad About You

I'll give them Jeopard because duh! and Cosmos since that's a totally nerdy PBS type thing. I'll also agree with All in the Family because the satire and sarcasm in that show was brilliant. Voltaire couldn't have done better himself. But Mad About You? And CSI? I refuse to believe those are smart shows. It's not that they're dumb but really? And where are Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars? Admittedly those are my favorite tv shows period but part of the reason is because they were so freaking smart. Certainly they were more intelligent than stupid, old Frasier (which I do enjoy).

Mensa. Pshaw. Dumbasses.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Excellent way to kill time...

It's a great recap of Sweet Valley Twins/High/College (SVU) books. I spent practically a whole afternoon at work (when there was nothing to do - geez!) reading and only got through about 1/3 of them. They. are. awesome.

Random thought: Cicadas are really annoying. It's freaking 80+ degrees here and I'm sick to death of the damn cicadas drowning out the tv. How can I properly dissect the American Idolers if I can't hear them over insect legs rubbing together. I mean, I get it. I've worn corduroy but come on. Cicadas are insane. Stop mating! It's too early! (Just to spite me, one just went into overdrive. I hope it chafes itself raw.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Summary of last night's debate...

First my thoughts: HRC looked great. Her make-up was excellent. I'm guessing Bare Minerals but I suppose it could have been something more with a professional make-up artist. Either way she looked great. It also occurred to me how hard it must be for Chelsea to get up and talk to people for her mom. She doesn't seem like the most outgoing person in the world. I bet she got used to keeping her privacy, given media scrutiny and all. She must really, really want her mom to win to put herself out there like that.

I'm here in Austin so it was really exciting that everything was happening in my town. Two complaints though - 1) only 100 tickets for the public to the debate? Insane. 2) Paying to go to the viewing parties where HRC and Obama showed up to afterward? Annoying. My couch was free. I drove by campus on my way home from work (can't help it, I live that way) and there were a lot of people mini-rallying outside the arena area. It was pretty cool. I honked and waved as I passed them, like I was in a parade. Lame but the main cause of the giddiness on the way home.

Moderators: yadda, yadda, yadda
HRC: Same thing I've always said.
BO (hee): And I agree.
Moderators: more junk about stuff, sometimes in Spanish
BO: More of the same.
HRC: And I agree.
Moderators: Stir up the pot.
BO: Plagarism is sheer sillyness.
HRC: No it's not.
Audience: *crickets* and a few boos
HRC campaign: aaaand you're fired, speech writer!
BO: I'm slightly agitated by your attack. Should we discuss healthcare more? Our plans are 99% the same but really, that 1% is HUGE.
Moderators: Can we be done now?
BO: Sure. I'm done. I'm cool and HRC totally didn't beat me.
HRC: Oh yeah? Here's your KO punch, Barack. Please don't remember that I'm lifting this "we're going to be okay" message from John Edwards. Hate to think I might be the pot and you the kettle in this little scenario.
Audience: OMG! That was like totally awesome!! I'm off to early vote!

I only wish they'd mentioned Texas more. I love that. I think I shall forget all about the debate tonight over a glass (or 3) or wine. It wasn't terribly exciting anyway. And I missed American Idol for it. Well, that part was actually okay.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apparently it's a lovers' tiff...

If you haven't heard about the story the NYTimes did on McCain's shady girl love, check it out here:

It's pretty inocuous actually but you know I had to tune into Rush Limbaugh today to see what he had to say about it. According to him, this story is the result of a lovers' tiff between the New York Times and John McCain. Ha ha! See, the NYT saw McCain as a moderate Repug and since he's been catering to the conservative base in the past few weeks, they got pissed off and decided to print this "libel" against him. (Psst, I've read the entire article and there's no libel there but whatevs. Apparently a prominate newspaper doesn't know jack about how to protect itself from libel and, you know, check facts or what not.)

I find it highly amusing that a story that first premiered on the Drudge Report over two months ago (along with various other political/sensationalist websites, i.e. Wonkette), and that is only now being covered by a reputable news source (depending on your pov) is somehow the result of injured feelings. And is it not odd that the sources in the piece are from McCain's own campaign? Intereeesting.

I read the NYT. I like the NYT. But I'm under no delusion as to their journalistic integrity issues. I'm at least happy they struggle with ethical issues unlike other so-called "news" sources. However to imply that a newspaper that put off reporting about the Bush administration's failings in the Iraq war for months and months and months (at the request/insistence of Bush insiders) among many other damaging things, is now reporting a story over 9 years old (and 2 months old in the reporting world) because a Republican presidential candidate is attempting to solidify his party's base under his feet is not only illogical, it's preposterous.

And this, my friends, is why I listen to Rush Limbaugh - for the laughs. The man is so illogical and inconsistent that his entire rants are like millions of tiny fingers on my ticklish spots. Hee. He's a funny, funny guy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long time, no post...

I haven't posted in oh, about 4 months (or is it 5?) mainly because a) no one was reading and b) I stopped having interesting things to say. Okay, I'm lying. It's pretty much only reason a. Anyway, squishy mentioned my blog so I thought I'll at least write something down if I have a funny. And I do.

I've taken to listening to Rush Limbaugh lately. No seriously. He's hilarious. I honestly had no idea why so many people listened to him but now I do - pure, unadulterated comedy. Granted I'm not sure he knows he's funny but I do. And I'll admit I'm a sore winner (or at least a sore presumed winner). But here's a direct/indirect quote from a caller today:

Caller: So, Rush, can this "religious fervor" over Barack Obama be sustained?
Rush: Absolutely not.
Me: Hahahahahahaha, snort, snort, guffaw, guffaw, hahahahahahaha.

This is funny on so many levels. I love the use of the phrase "religious fervor," because recently I've had two people try and convince me that Obama is Muslim. First, there's nothing wrong with him being Muslim, so get over it. And second he's not Muslim!! Damn fired Clinton staffer for putting out that damn email. But this little exchange between Rush and Caller is downright hysterical mainly due to the fact that for the past 8 years religious fervor has extended to create pretty much all the evil in the U.S., at least politically. Give me a scandal or a bad decision and I'll find you religious fervor as the a co-conspirator. Not to mention that religious fervor is the cornerstone of Karl Rove and the current administration. Surely the irony of the Caller's statement is not lost, nor the instant, adament response of Rush.

Like I said, pure, unadulterated comedy. Rush. Hee!