Thursday, March 20, 2008

A few of my favorite tv things...

Monday night two of my favorite episodes of two of my favorite shows came one. I'm going to scour youtube to see if I can find clips for you. And for those of you that have never seen Golden Girls (you know who you are), shame on you. I propose to remedy that right here.

The first ep (which I can't find on youtube, damn copyrights!) was the episode of King of the Hill where the whole family goes to Japan and meets Hank's half Japanese brother, who happens to look just like him except for the black hair. Bobby also discovers Dance, Dance Revolution. Oh to be a Hill.

The second ep is a Golden Girls where Dorothy and Rose enter a Miami songwriting competition. I have more than one friend who would sing this with me anytime we choose.

And just an extra for your pleasure: This is the Golden Girls episode where the girls decide to buy condoms before their big cruise (eek!) with their current boys.


Anonymous said...

*hangs head in shame*

Golden Girls = work appropriate? I assume so, but you never know... I shall check these out over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am back to say that OMFG if that happened to me when I was trying to get sausage casings, I would die.

(and King George? lol.)

Tina said...

I know I'm a modern woman in a modern age but everytime I've ever even come near the condom aisle I'm secretly afraid my grandmother will jump out and yell, "I thought I told you to keep your feet in a bucket!" Irrational but true. Oh and the clip cut off the best speech - Blanche grabs the microphone from the salesclerk and gives a mini-lecture about how they're going on vaca with some "long time gentlement friends" and are acting like mature, responsible adults. I think their might have even been a little applause.