Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm off to holiday at the Cape.

Aren't you jealous of my poser self? I've never been to Cape Cod. Or anywhere on the East Coast other than NYC and DC, although I do firmly feel if I had to choose, I'd be an East Coast Woah-man. But you know, I'm landlocked currently. Unless I drive a couple of hours away that is. I digress.

I'm off to vacay and have a wonderfully long weekend with a bunch of excellent, intellectually stimulating women. (Actually I've never met most of them but whatever. It's best to start with bright expectations.) I'd be happy with a good joke and a free-flowing bottle of wine actually. I'm not terribly hard to please.

I'll be hitting up Provincetown and seeing the infamous Varla Jean (I hope I got that right) from the drag queen Project Runway ep. She was the winning model, at least in the sense that she was wearing the pink pantsuit that won. I'll also be stopping by the Marc Jacobs store because I'm a sucker for "special items" found only in-store. Plus there are no stores here in ATX.

I purchased some very naughty items for a certain lingerie shower that shall remain to-be bride nameless. I bought (don't read past here B if you've found the time in your busy schedule to actually read this dribble!) an awesome riding crop thing that makes me want to hit everyone I know. With the riding crop, that is. And only when I'm holding it in my hand. Which I haven't done so very often, really. I mean, it is at my house and all. And I wouldn't be a very good friend if I gave her faulty goods, would I? I should really make sure it works well...

I haven't used it any kind of dirty way, unless you count slapping the couch with it and telling Hillary to "get in line" right before she spoke last night at the DNC. But I don't count that. Speaking of HRC, sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits? How awesome was that line? When she started in on sisterhood, I was weary, when she got to traveling I was audibly groaning, waiting for the shitty punchline, but when she came to pantsuits, I laughed out loud at both myself for expecting the worst and HRC for making a funny.

I've always been a HRC fan. Until the last few months. And I'm pretty sure I'm no fan of Bill's anymore either. I defended his bad behavior when it was helping me but I'm pretty sure he's a big, fat asshole who can't keep it in his pants. I have enough ego to satisfy my entire world. I don't need it from him too. BUT. I fell in like with HRC all over again last night. It was if the prior devious and dirty months were erased. I didn't put on my pink, rosy glasses or anything and I'm still suspicious of motives, but she done good. Good job, Hills. You deserve the praise.

Long way of saying, I'll be out for a few days. Try not to cry and if the empty comment section is any indication, I'm sure all the varied and many people out there who read this blog (um rambling?) will manage just fine.

See you next fiscal year! (Oh my. Too nerdy?)


RanaElizabeth said...

Okay, first: I waited all day for a report from you on HRC's speech last night. Seriously, I kept updating your blog every hour or so just to see if you had written about it yet. Is that sad or terribly flattering?

Whatever, have fun at the Cape! I'll be up there in November, actually. Or October. Or maybe it's somewhere else up there.

Tina said...

I would have wrote more and sooner but I've been busy all day trying to finish up work so I can take some days off without having huge castastrophes beset my dreams over the weekend.

What I forgot to say about HRC is that I questioned the choice of color in her suit (I refuse to say pantsuit - men don't call their suits pantsuits) but it suited her well. And I seriously dug her red, red lips. Along with all the substance, she looked damn good.

Oh and it's terribly flattering. I'll try not to disappoint you next time.

RanaElizabeth said...

Speaking of her lipstick, did you happen to notice that at one point it was smearing all over her teeth?

Anonymous said...

"See you next fiscal year"

You win.

RanaElizabeth said...

Dude, Tina! How could you go on vacation now? The shit has hit the fan! McCain picked a woman! Where are you? I need you stunning political commentary and wit!

Brandi said...

I need you here to rant at about McDouchbag and his VP choice!!!!!! With this VP selection, there is so much meat for a rant that I am choking. I just grossed myself out.