Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Okay, okay.

I'm kind of an ass, I know. I'm going to Vegas for the weekend but come next week, I'll be back on a more regular basis. Peer pressure is a bitch. Oh yeah, one more thing: thanks, I think...


RanaElizabeth said...

I'm sorry, did you just hear my squeal of happiness that you've actually put into writing that you will be back? Cause, you know, I'm super happy.

I missed you!

RanaElizabeth said...

Do I need to remind you about the date that you wrote that post thereby reminding about the date that you said you would start posting again?

Also, I'm on my lunch break and looking for something to read so I typed in "blog" in the Google Search on my Gmail because I know that somebody has emailed me good blogs to read at some point and guess what popped up? A chat transcript from you. I miss you! And totally not in that "I don't really know you but still miss you" kind of way. Just in that "I miss your writing" way.