Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First Time Ever

Everyone and their dog is a blogger, so why not me? Plus, I'm basically a blogger all the time, minus the online part. Inane thoughts about everyday subjects that are at best halfway witty and kinda clever and at worst lame and recycled. Either way, I'm there man! This blogging thing is not so much a new endeavor as a new medium.

I'm going to use my new medium to encourage two new things I've found recently: Veronica Mars and The Shins! Both are so kickass I can do nothing but encourage people to experience both of them. Veronica Mars is a tv show (if you didn't know already) and she rocks. I wish I were half as cool in highschool, which I soooo wasn't. And The Shins - can there be a better band? If you've seen Garden State, they sing the song Natalie Portman's character tells Zach Braff's character will change his life. In the doctor's office. Remember? I'm not sure they'll change your life but New Slang (that's the song she's talking about) is a song that expresses frustrations and hopes in a way I can completely identify with. Hopefully you can, too. I'll send you the mp3 if you want to hear it.

Okay, that's enough for now but I can't wait to do this again!


RatHole said...

Ms. Wonderful thinks you rock!

RatHole said...

Ms. Wonderful concurs!

Tina said...

Seriously? RatHole? That name borders on foul KJP!