Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Gone Votin'

I'm so excited today! I was so proud to walk in the elementary school in my neighborhood and give the grandpa at the table my voter registration card. I've voted in every major election since I turned 18 but this one is different - special. I did experience a bit of confusion when I saw Kerry listed as John F. Kerry. I thought the repugs were finding some tricky way to fool me. Who knew his middle initial was F? Lucky for me, I only paused over that a couple seconds (er... minutes) and kept going. My real dilemma came when the only two choices for a criminal appeals judge were between a repug and a libertarian. I would rather have a repug deciding criminal cases than a libertarian, I think. I'm torn over it actually. I went with my decision before I walked in there to vote for the libertarians because I support 3rd parties but... I'm uneasy about it. I'm not sure supporting 3rd parties is the correct rationale in voting for judges.

Back to election excitement! I've been living on Wonkette and KOS today. It's like Becca said: "It's like Christmas! I only hope I get what I want." Tell me about it! I'm so nervous - I almost feel as nervous as when the Bar results were coming out. Except I don't have that "gonna puke any second now" feeling. Which is good. But I definitely feel like drinking. I think a nice, soothing glass of wine is in order tonight.

Go Johns! Go Dems! Go Vote!

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