Sunday, October 31, 2004

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

So our Halloween party is officially over and dead. Much fun was had by all. Couple costume of the night award goes to: Ferna and Brandon as Leela and Fry - how did you come up with that? Carla and Steev's appropriately obscene plug and outlet costume deserves an honorable mention. Individual costume of the night is a tie between Chad as Elvis (insert mad screaming) and Kaci as Martha Stewart at Camp Cupcake (the lace would have made Martha proud). Best laugh-out-loud award goes to John-Michael when he guessed the girl with the exposed plastic boobs, boa, and cowboy hat was a Girl Gone Wild (she was actually a Mardi Gras Girl but I think JM might have hit the nail on the head with his guess). This is why we love John-Michael. He's damn funny. That and he's not an alpha-male but he realizes they exist and accepts them as facts, like every day has a night kinda thing. Tell him that though!

So happy to see Ferna and Brandon, Kaci and Keith, John-Michael, Karen and her crew (so fun!), Anita and David, and Carlos (bust a move) and Mark. Wouldn't have been such a great evening without them all!

But I'll admit I felt a tad bummed to be having a party without all my bestests. Teri, Becca, Susan, Rebecca, Kerri, and Karina - I missed you! I feel a little ditty is in order. (Summoning Johnny Rivers)

Where have all the girlfriends gone?
Long time passin'
Where have all the girlfriends gone?
Long time ago
Gone far away every one
When will they ever come home?
When will they ever come home?


FernaBear said...

That was a really fun party, Miss Tina. Thank you so much for inviting Brandon and me!! I just wish that we could have stayed longer.

I am ready for Poker night! (Um, I just need to remember some of the rules again....) Wanna play for fun some time so that I can get refreshed??

Tina said...

In the words of Napoleon, "Heck, yeah!" Let me know when you're free and we'll set something up, sans money. (For now!)