Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm sad.

I have to return Freaks and Geeks to the library. *sniffle*

On the upside, my bf offered to buy me a Wii yesterday. How awesome is that? Know what's not so awesome? My damn pride and inability to let people buy me things without me buying them things in return. So I said no.

But secretly? I really want a Wii so I can play rock band in my living room to my heart's content - by myself. And play all the Mario games. Now I'm sad and lame. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I have a wii. It pretty much rocks. But I almost exclusively play Mario games. And a little guitar hero, but you have to stand for that and I'm lazy.

Do they make rock band for wii? for some reason I thought they didn't.

But yeah, you should let him get you one.

Tina said...

Doesn't it? Crap. I thought it didn't as well but then two people told me it did... maybe a rock band for Wii is in the making? Nonetheless, I still want one. I'm secretly hoping he'll get me one anyway, just for being a good girlfriend. And see, then I will have earned it and won't have to "repay" him. Because I'm a way better girlfriend than he is boyfriend. That's not a knock on him but rather an indication of the high opinion in which I hold myself.