Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why am I horrible?

I just had a conversation with the bf. I told him J was in FL today on vacay. They flew out this morning and I said, "I haven't heard about any plane crashes, so I guess they made it okay." He told me it was horrible for me to say that and that I was horrible for saying that. Why? He couldn't/wouldn't explain and quickly got off the phone with me after saying if I didn't understand why it was horrible then he wouldn't be able to explain it to me.

So why is what I said so horrible? I find it relieving to know that if a plane crashes or if some dastardly event occurs, I'll know about it on the news practically instantaneously. Conversely, if I don't hear of such things I know everything is a-okay. I don't believe in fate so I don't feel like I'm tempting fate by saying such things so what is it? Doesn't every feel a bit of relief when a close friend/relative is traveling somewhere and you haven't heard of a plane crash happening when they were in the air? Am I really the only one who thinks like this? And does it make me horrible to say it out loud?

Blech. Now I'm confused...


RanaElizabeth said...

Honestly, I don't even think about friends and family traveling and being okay. I just assume that they are. It doesn't faze me much, but you're totally right. Even if you haven't heard from them, you would have heard about the plane that erupted into a fireball by the time you next blinked. There are some good things about instantaneous media.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rana in that I usually assume everything will be fine, but I don't think theres anything at all wrong with what you were thinking! Kind of like the whole "no news is good news" thing. No news of a crash= everyone's a-ok.