Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have blood underneath my fingernails.


But really it's my own fault. My boss was getting so excited (i.e. annoying) about a case that I got completely frustrated and took it out on a tiny, little, head itch. The least he could have done was leave me be so I could express my disgruntledness (word?) verbally but no. He had to stick around and make sure I thoroughly agreed with and enjoyed his excitement. As a result I have a self-inflicted injury. And I couldn't even yelp out loud when I did it because I was still in his presence. How do you tell someone you just scratched your head so hard that there's a high (although temporary) level of pain and blood? It just doesn't come out right.

On a different note, squishy and I are tied 1 to 1 in the epic battle of subpar baseball team series. And I'd still like to point out, even though the 'Stros played the Red Sox last weekend (and creamed 'em!), we still never made it to the front page of any non-local sports headline site, i.e. or or or any other one you can think of.


Anonymous said...

Go back and count the "OMG the Rays are SO GOOD!" articles that came out Monday-Wednesday at ESPN, SI and Fox Sports. There are tons. And it's only because they're playing the Red Sox.

Lance Berkman only got press 'cause it got too painfully obvious to ignore him (hellooo triple crown). Shawn Chacon only got press 'cause... well... you know. The Dodgers only get covered when it's about Torre or how they need to get more pitching (even though anyone with a pair of neurons can see that pitching is the solution; hitting is the problem).

I have issues. And Carlos Lee is faster than he looks.

Tina said...

I know. I kind of felt sorry for the BoSox losing their front page status by playing the Astros.

I guess my team and your team have something in common, aside from less than stellar 2008 seasons: no press.

Carlos Lee is way faster than he looks. Most of the Astros are faster than they look. That's mainly because they all look fat and pudgy. It's always surprising to me when Berkman gets a triple, for instance. Hunter Pence looks like a giant grasshopper when he runs. It looks painful.

Anonymous said...

The most obnoxious thing is how the writers act like they totally knew the Rays would be this good. They didn't get the good seats on the bandwagon 'cause they got there early; they just press-credentialed their lazy asses there.

I have to say, Hunter Pence looks like an awkward, adolescent stork. A very talented stork, I might add.

If only you lived in SoCal! We could go to a bar, bitch about baseball and scare away the guys who thought they knew something about sports.

Tina said...

I know! We could have agreed to cast an all star ballot (just one) for the good people, not just our favorites and filled it out together. That would have been a good conversation.

Oh and I'm sorry for comparing your team to mine. It was not nice of me.