Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Son, be a dentist. You'll be a success."

Me yesterday at work: "Dentist appt. In late." on Where Are You? Board (preparing for next morning)
Me last evening: double checking calendar for time of appointment.
Me this morning: sleeping a tad late, fun!
Me later this morning: walking in dentist office for appointment approximately 2 minutes early (my goal in all appointments).
Nurse in dentist office: Why are you here, sweetie?
Me: my appointment, duh. I have one on Tuesday the 22nd.
Nurse: This is Tuesday the 23rd. You had one yesterday on Monday the 22nd. You missed it.
Me: Shit.


RanaElizabeth said...

You get half-credit for getting the date right.

I had a five minute conversation/argument with the boyfriend about what day it was today. Normally I can't be trusted to know that, but sister's birthday was on Sunday and I definitely know what date that is. It was nice to be right.

Anonymous said...

I actually have nightmares about things like this (sleeping through final exams because I had the dates mixed up).