Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cartoon figures abound...

I missed King of the Hill last night. Boo. It's a good thing I didn't miss my completely unrealistic, animated character fix though, because I did get to see this goober:

I haven't seen anyone mention it yet but why the hell does he have to talk like that? I felt like I was back in my 9th grade geometry class when the teacher used to put apples with our names on them around the room for good grades.

I also heard Jindal speak on one of the morning news shows over the weekend and he was ridiculous. I hate to even dedicate 5 minutes of my time to discussing him but the fact that he's the Republican party's Obama is beyond laughable. Obama is post-racial. Accept it.

And for your reading pleasure, just in case you wanted to learn what a nutjob Jindal really is and let me just preface this with two words: exorcism and sex. Oh yeah.

FYI, the count down begins. I have approximately 74 hours left before I plummet to the ground in a self-induced mania. Wish me luck!


RanaElizabeth said...

Good luck on the sky-diving thing!

I've actually tried to stay away from Jindal. I plan on ignoring him like I ignored Palin.

Anonymous said...

If he's the best they can come up with to be their next "rising star" I have no problem whatsoever.

Oh, and I just gave you an award. :)

RanaElizabeth said...

Dude! Where's the post about jumping???