Thursday, February 05, 2009

On the art of skydiving...

In a few short weeks, this will be me:

Except I'll be diving in tandem and hopefully won't be upside down. And I'll be much cooler, of course.

Or if my mom is right, this could be me:

Except a girl and hopefully not a cartoon.
But if I do get smartly turned into a cartoon, I'm coming back as this:

or more likely this:

So the point is, I'm going skydiving. I've decided not to bother being scared until the actual day. Until then I'm just going to enjoy the idea of doing something most people are way to chickenshit to try. Except Bush Sr. He's not too chicken shit to try it - multiple times. I wonder if it's a death wish to get away from Barbara?


Brandi said...

I hope you never have to apply for independent health insurance, as "have you ever been skydiving" is a qualifying question. Just saying. Have you seen what happens to your face cheeks when you dive? They flap in the wind like rubber. HAH, I am going to laugh my ass off when I watch your video.

RanaElizabeth said...

Holy shit, Tina! You are now officially my hero! I'd love to see any pics you can snap while in the air.