Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm having stylist guilt...

On odd months I go to my stylist to get my hair cut. On even months I go to a different colorist to get my hair colored. They're at two different salons, know about the other, but do not know each other. Last time I got my hair colored I decided I was going to seek out a different place. That salon was too pricey and my face looked red due to bad blonde highlights. (It's quite possible I'm going through a blotchy phase but I prefer to put the blame on others. It's easier to make it through the day.)

So I found a new colorist. It's a Bumble & Bumble salon which is supposed to be cool because: a) they give you samples of all the B&B products they use each time and b) they spend at least one day a week training to keep abreast of new techniques. Oh and did I mention much more affordable?

Due to the dental drama from last week, I had to spend my hard-earned, budgeted, haircut money on a damned cavity. Boo to the nth degree. This month, being an even month, I only have enough $$ for the color and not the cut. But I really need a haircut since I didn't get one last month. See my dilemma? I need a haircut and a color and I only have dollars for a color. Or a cut. What's a stylish girl to do?

Here's where the excellent deal at the new place comes in. Apparently I can get a cut and a color at the new place for what I paid for a color at the old place. So I can get two services for the price of one. Only it means I can't go to my lovely stylist whom I love dearly. I'm feeling the guilt. I went ahead and made an appointment for both services at the new salon and I'll get back on my odd month = haircut schedule next month but until then? I feel like I'm cheating. I've broken up with my old colorist and moved on to someone new. But I don't want to break up with my stylist. I still love and adore her. I'm just plain, old cheating because it's easy and convenient. Ack! I'm sick. And guilty.

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squishy said...

Not to trivialize your predicament, but total and complete LOL at the fact that you have a 'guilt' label.