Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Too much Tori Amos

While at work I'm limited to my music selections to random cds that don't output too much noise. As is, they're mainly girls, some bordering on grrls. I randomly hit on Tales from a Librarian today and it's a really great cd. It reminds me of the 90s, but it's still a great cd. (I count the early 00s at the 90s, just an fyi.) Instead of having the typical too-much-Tori-response and associate all past sexual encounters as some form of sexual assault (just a guess), I just feel slightly lame. While I'm glad I don't have countless ups and downs in my social life, being drama-free does make me feel old. And did I mention lame? I'm not sad. I have no one to blame for desperate situations. I don't even have desperate situations - or perceived desperate situations to be more accurate. Is this a product of getting older or of being in a steady relationship? (I'm using "steady" in an even-keel type way, not gee whillickers!, I'm going steady type way.)

Boo to 90s, angsty music. It makes me feel old and boring.

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