Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apparently it's a lovers' tiff...

If you haven't heard about the story the NYTimes did on McCain's shady girl love, check it out here:

It's pretty inocuous actually but you know I had to tune into Rush Limbaugh today to see what he had to say about it. According to him, this story is the result of a lovers' tiff between the New York Times and John McCain. Ha ha! See, the NYT saw McCain as a moderate Repug and since he's been catering to the conservative base in the past few weeks, they got pissed off and decided to print this "libel" against him. (Psst, I've read the entire article and there's no libel there but whatevs. Apparently a prominate newspaper doesn't know jack about how to protect itself from libel and, you know, check facts or what not.)

I find it highly amusing that a story that first premiered on the Drudge Report over two months ago (along with various other political/sensationalist websites, i.e. Wonkette), and that is only now being covered by a reputable news source (depending on your pov) is somehow the result of injured feelings. And is it not odd that the sources in the piece are from McCain's own campaign? Intereeesting.

I read the NYT. I like the NYT. But I'm under no delusion as to their journalistic integrity issues. I'm at least happy they struggle with ethical issues unlike other so-called "news" sources. However to imply that a newspaper that put off reporting about the Bush administration's failings in the Iraq war for months and months and months (at the request/insistence of Bush insiders) among many other damaging things, is now reporting a story over 9 years old (and 2 months old in the reporting world) because a Republican presidential candidate is attempting to solidify his party's base under his feet is not only illogical, it's preposterous.

And this, my friends, is why I listen to Rush Limbaugh - for the laughs. The man is so illogical and inconsistent that his entire rants are like millions of tiny fingers on my ticklish spots. Hee. He's a funny, funny guy.

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Anonymous said...

Rush is like crack to you. Too much, my dear, is fatal.