Friday, February 22, 2008

Summary of last night's debate...

First my thoughts: HRC looked great. Her make-up was excellent. I'm guessing Bare Minerals but I suppose it could have been something more with a professional make-up artist. Either way she looked great. It also occurred to me how hard it must be for Chelsea to get up and talk to people for her mom. She doesn't seem like the most outgoing person in the world. I bet she got used to keeping her privacy, given media scrutiny and all. She must really, really want her mom to win to put herself out there like that.

I'm here in Austin so it was really exciting that everything was happening in my town. Two complaints though - 1) only 100 tickets for the public to the debate? Insane. 2) Paying to go to the viewing parties where HRC and Obama showed up to afterward? Annoying. My couch was free. I drove by campus on my way home from work (can't help it, I live that way) and there were a lot of people mini-rallying outside the arena area. It was pretty cool. I honked and waved as I passed them, like I was in a parade. Lame but the main cause of the giddiness on the way home.

Moderators: yadda, yadda, yadda
HRC: Same thing I've always said.
BO (hee): And I agree.
Moderators: more junk about stuff, sometimes in Spanish
BO: More of the same.
HRC: And I agree.
Moderators: Stir up the pot.
BO: Plagarism is sheer sillyness.
HRC: No it's not.
Audience: *crickets* and a few boos
HRC campaign: aaaand you're fired, speech writer!
BO: I'm slightly agitated by your attack. Should we discuss healthcare more? Our plans are 99% the same but really, that 1% is HUGE.
Moderators: Can we be done now?
BO: Sure. I'm done. I'm cool and HRC totally didn't beat me.
HRC: Oh yeah? Here's your KO punch, Barack. Please don't remember that I'm lifting this "we're going to be okay" message from John Edwards. Hate to think I might be the pot and you the kettle in this little scenario.
Audience: OMG! That was like totally awesome!! I'm off to early vote!

I only wish they'd mentioned Texas more. I love that. I think I shall forget all about the debate tonight over a glass (or 3) or wine. It wasn't terribly exciting anyway. And I missed American Idol for it. Well, that part was actually okay.

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