Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Axe Body Spray

My day was made yesterday about 4:00 p.m. by an Admin in my office. Why, you ask? Apparently she noticed a bad odor coming from the kitchen(esque) area in the hallway. She complained that it smelled like fish. Our boss offered to spray his "good-smelling stuff" to cover the odor. Into his office she went where he presented her with his secret against bad odors - Axe Body Spray. As he sprayed the little, black, aerosol can into the air she coughed and sputtered and excused herself to her office where I found her, a short while later and she relayed the story to me.

This same boss has certain, how shall I say?, odor issues himself. While I distinctly prefer to overwhelming smell of man/boy cologne to the underlying offensive... odors, I've always wondered how the man/boy cologne smell seemed to grow and get stronger at certain points during the day. Now I know. It's the repetitive use of Axe. Body. Spray.

So while the Admin was busy complaining of an oncoming migraine, I was happily skipping back to my office to make a phone call to an ex-coworker with whom I'd developed many alternative tricks for compensating for the above odor issues.

If you can't comprehend why this made my day, imagine all those "sexy" Axe commercials and then picture your own smell-challenged boss. If that doesn't produce a guffaw or two, your boss is not nearly as physically repulsive as mine.


Anonymous said...

The Axe body spray of my day was Polo Sport cologne (hence explaining my active HATRED for Polo Sport cologne). But at least Polo didn't have idiotic yet disturbingly effective-to-their-demographic ads running every hour.

Tina said...

And at least Polo leaves with the person wearing it. I speak from experience when I say that Axe lingers in the air and in one's nostrils for several minutes after the wearer departs the vicinity. Blech. I'm going to inquire after a perfume/cologne free work environment. We need an anonymous suggestion box.

lk said...

ugh, my husband went through a phase of wearing it not too long ago too and it smells so rank.

and (I can't believe I'm sharing this) he developed a habit of reapplying after he um... used the bathroom. To the point where I know associate the smell with crap.

And honestly, I;m not really sure which is worse.

Anonymous said...

Irrelevant, but you must want to beat Valverde with a mallet.

Tina said...

I know, right? I turned off the game after the top of the 9th thinking it was all over. I even talked with the bf later in the evening and told him they won. Imagine my surprise when I checked scores this morning. Ugh. Suckage, factor 10.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you'll ever see it, but whenever Valverde notches a save, he yells and flails his arms unnaturally.

Speaking as a division rival of the Dbacks, it was quite obnoxious.