Monday, April 28, 2008

I have jury duty in 36 minutes.

And I'm pissed. I don't know why except that I consider it a huge burden, for no good reason at all. Those fuckers better plea out. Maybe I'll pick up some pointers on how to pick a good jury, silver lining and all.

Also - I think I'm getting boob cleavage wrinkles. Are all these years of wearing push up bras coming back to haunt me? J mentioned to me that she uses Retin A on her cleavage wrinkles and now it's all I can think about. Low cut shirts are some of the joys of not having huge boobs. How else will I make it through my 40s (when I get there) if I can't show off the girls? Isn't that how you get to be sexy and old - good boobs? Or legs, I'm sure but I don't have good legs if cankles are any indication...

At least I'll get a lot of good reading done. Eleanor of Aquitane, here I come!


lk said...

I have JD this week too! And I was picked, so I get to spend all week listening to a lmae case.

shouldn't lawyers be exempt? it seems like you shouldnt even get called.

RanaElizabeth said...

You poor things. It could totally be worse though. A good friend of mine actually got picked for Grand Jury Duty- she has to listen to cases from the ATF for over a year, every Tuesday. Now come one...isn't a couple days (or hours) of regular JD sounding much better now?

Tina said...

Um, no, Rana, it doesn't sound much better. You want to know why? Because that is HER and I am ME. That automatically means that my suffering is way more intense than her suffering, as her suffering is only reported to me by a third party and not directly felt by me. Don't you know these things by now?

And yes. I really am that selfish and uncaring.