Sunday, October 17, 2004

My Beloved Astros!!!!

They've done it! They've tied up the series 2-2. The only bitterness is that I was not there to witness. My undeserving brother was. (He's not generally undeserving - just of the fabulous tickets I was so rudely looked over for. And yes, there is a lot of sibling rivalry in my family - mainly in me but that's for another day...) Back to the 'stros. How cute is Beltran? He's got the face of a little boy and the bat of a very big man. And the playoff beards? How awesome are they? Berkman is earning his addition in the killer B's this series fo' sure. FYI: Bagwell is playing with a kind of intensity I'm not used to seeing with him. When he got hit in the head with the pitch (you know which one I'm talking about), he was so angry. It was very exciting to watch. The Astros aren't known for their overwhelming displays of passion so it was nice to see. Another thing I'm noticing is Biggio. This is the first series where I've seen what people talk about when they say he's not as good as he used to be. I hate to say it but his fielding leaves something to be desired. But he plays with such heart. I'd rather see every player dive for the ball, sacrifice their body, and miss the ball than see them... not, I guess. Anyway - GO ASTROS!!!!

I heart you all!


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