Friday, July 06, 2007

Girls Night Out!

Tonight is the First Annual Girls' Night Out! Or First bi-monthly? Monthly? Whatever. I haven't had an official Girls' Night in ages. I can't wait. I'm wearing a pretty dress, shaving my legs, putting on eyeliner, and maybe I'll do more than simply brush my hair. It's a big night for me. I thought about painting my fingernails, but that's way too much effort. That kind of grooming is going way too far.

We're going to a fancy restaurant for dinner, possibly hitting up a cheap bar for cheap drinks, and then we're going to dance/bar hop the night away. However did I use to do this 4 nights out of the week? I was insane.

I'll update with details of the debauchery, unless it gets too, too crazy and we don't want any record of the night.

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