Monday, July 16, 2007

So I have this friend.

We'll call him Pissy Pants, PP for short. PP is a single, successful guy (successful in the career world, not anything else). With a little help he could be better than average looking. He's not there all the time yet but he has his moments. Unfortunately his skillz with the ladies are, shall we say, lacking?

PP calls me yesterday and tells me, yet again, that another girl likes him waaay more than he likes her. Finally, and without much ado, I call bullshit. I explained that it's not that I don't believe he believes what he's saying, it's that I believe his perception is off. He didn't take too kindly to this bit of truth telling, but the cold, hard truth is that it's true.

Examples of PP's "girls who like him waaay more than he likes them" are girls who he makes out with one night (never gets to home or anything), he converses with over IM, and who maybe, possibly suggest going out some other time or perhaps kiss him in a 2nd drunken incident. The girls inevitably disappear from his famous IM screen within a few weeks (they stop talking to him), and no drama is involved.

Boys, here's a hint: girls are sometimes like boys. Occasionally they like to fool around with someone they find mildly interesting, either through their personality or their looks, usually with some amount of adult beverages involved, and it doesn't mean anything. Or, at the very least, it doesn't mean they want to have your babies.

Further, just because you're not picturing spending the rest of your life with the cute hottie you just made out with at the bar doesn't mean she likes you any more than you're liking her. She probably has no thoughts of you beyond a potential void filler while she's waiting around for someone who she wouldn't dream of having drunken antics with on the first date.

I wouldn't be writing about this except that PP called me seeking advice on why he didn't like Girl A (the one he made out with) but was strangely attracted to Girl B (someone he's known a long time and never thought about romantically but shows up to The Party with The Boyfriend). And when I gave my advice (aka blunt opinion), he bristled. So PP? Get over yourself. The sooner the better. If you start thinking about women as human beings and not "jugs," you might have a lot more luck in finding that one you might, possibly, maybe think about when your IM screen is closed.

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