Thursday, July 12, 2007

Technology Etiquette

I'm not a Miss Manners or Emily Post by any means but some things are just rude, ya know? I'm on this kick after reading an article on, which listed some of the most common faux pas.

Here are mine:

1.) Answering a cell in the middle of a conversation, as a general rule. Of course I understand there are exceptions to this - waiting on an important call, a 911 from your parents, etc., but please don't make it a habit to answer you phone at dinner with friends and hold a whole conversation at the table. Get up, walk away, and apologize to your dinner companions, your conversation companions, whatever. First of all, I don't want to hear you talk with someone else. Second, talking in the middle of a group disables the group from continuing the conversation. Third, it's just rude.

2.) Texting. Man I hate texters. I understand text messages are convenient and it does take away from the aforementioned rude call, but keep it to yourself. There are, again, exceptions. If you're out with a group and another member of the group texts you to find out where you are, cool. But put the phone away. Your entertainment is the group of people you're with, not the phone. And please don't text when I'm talking to you. I have never understood how people think it's okay to have a texting conversation going on at the same time as a verbal conversation. You don't want to talk to me? Okay. But don't text someone else and pretend you still want to carry on with me. Choose one or the other. It would be like reading a book in the middle of an outing, a conversation, or a dinner - weird and obstructive.

3.) Loud cellphone talkers/rings. I know half the population is deaf but should the other half of us have to suffer? My own mother is a violater of this rule. Her cellphone ring is so loud you can hear it in another county. And her ring is the Kentucky state song, which makes no sense since she's from Texas and has no ties to Kentucky. It's especially annoying. I used to hate people talking on blue tooths or hands-free, because I'd get all confused and assume they were talking to me only to realize they weren't. Very embarassing on my part, you see. But I've accepted those things. I simply cannot accept the loud talker/rings though. Turn the volume down already. If you must yell, do it in the privacy of your own car.

In conclusion, be aware. I don't care if you're isolating yourself from nature by wearing an ipod down the street, and I don't care if you spend 99% of your time with a phone to your ear. But for the love of god, keep me out of it, okay?

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