Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's still ahead...

I give Obama a score of 101. (I'm giving him 1 extra point based on pure, unadulterated love.)

As of last Tuesday he had a +1 score for reasons discussed above. A recap (in no particular order and definitely not exhaustive) of points gained and lost in one week.

Gain - first dance with Michelle. Beyonce expressed real emotion and so did I. I was tempted to make this a loss, because it was too pathetic that Beyonce moved me but that's not really Obama's fault... I guess.


Gain - Mexico City Gag Rule Repealed (Washington Post article). I've been on about this issue since law school although I cared more about the loss of funding the UN Population Fund. But a gain nonetheless.


Loss - overuse of the phrase "an abundance of caution" by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I happened to be home sick when his first press conference aired. The stupid pc word choice has already made its way into popular vernacular and I don't like it. If you're going to be in front of the press, Mr. Gibbs, learn new ways to say the same, old thing.


Gain - closing Gitmo.


Loss - taking a year to do it.


Gain - making sure Citigroup sent that goddamned jet back. He gets 2 points for this one, because he was just so cool about it.


Loss - caving to the conservatives re: birth control in his kazillion dollar relief package (or stimulus, whatever). This pisses me right the hell off. I'd take away 3 points for this but for the fact that both he and Pelosi said the legislation will be reintroduced at a later date. It ticks me off so much when I hear conservatives manipulate an issue like this. All the provision did was allow states to provide contraceptive services to poor women without a huge red tape hullabaloo. (States can already do this but it requires lots of paperwork.) Does he even need Republican support for his stimulus package? He can get it passed easily enough and if those idiot Repubs (not all but some) are going to block an entire package because of misstated socioeconomic bigotry, so be it. Let them be the asses of this story. As is Obama (and Pelosi) get their first serious black marks.

Final Tally: 102

So he's still ahead by 2 points, but I'm ending on a disappointing note. I felt really strongly about the Citigroup jet thing too, so I'll have to try and not let one weak moment cloud my judgment. Especially if he gets the legislation passed at a later date. He'll earn back those points then.


Brandi said...

God forbid poor women try to do some family planning with free contraception in an attempt to gain some economic traction. Everybody knows having sex is a privilege that only older married rich folks, see white men, are morally and financially entitled to engage joyously in, as presumably they can afford any outcome. I heard that the b-control money was on the table as a possible concession to republicans. Here we are again ladies, our bodies slapped down as an offering on the alter of republican family values. GRRRRR, I want to bite somebody's head off.

RanaElizabeth said...

I'm actually not that upset about this. I look at it two ways: 1. it's just been tabled for the moment and there are way more pressing things at the moment (IMO) and 2. the piece of legislation didn't take away or give more BC access, just make it easier. So, by removing the legislation from the larger bill, we aren't necessarily hurting women but merely remaining at status quo for the moment. I can live with that.

By conceding now on this issue, he might be able to gain bigger and better things in the next four years. I think that this administration is going to do beautiful things for American society but we can't get all the beautiful things done at once.

PS: I totally cried during their first dance. I was teary eyed during the whole dance and then towards the end where you could see the absolute joy on Beyonce's face as well as some of the other black celebrities, I just lost it. I don't really care one way or the other about Beyonce, but she radiated joy and happiness and pride.

Tina said...

If he puts easier access to birth control on his legislative agenda, I'll give him some points back. But it really ticks me off that in some misguided attempt to placate the Repubs, who never cared to ever get a Dem's thoughts when they were in control of the House, he chops off something that might actually matter to someone. And that that thing relates to birth control/women's rights in any way, shape, or form. Plus now the damn Repubs are still threatening to vote down the stupid bill. If he puts it back in, I'll give him 5 whole points.