Thursday, January 08, 2009

Permanently disgruntled? Perhaps.

Never buy from Barnes & Noble online or ship via UPS. I ordered a ton of books (9 or 10, which is a ton for me) on 12/26. I used 3 day air and paid via PayPal, mainly because I was too lazy to get up and get my debit card and PayPal was an easy click away. Then the problems started:

1. They charged Paypal oh, half a dozen times. I have no clue why.
2. They didn't ship for 5 days even though it should have already been at my house 2 days before they even decided to ship.
3. They split my order into 2 packages, which is ordinarily fine, but in the case of B&N, they decide to inform you 7 days after your package should have already arrived that they are splitting your order up even though they already sent out confirmation emails on everything.
4. UPS drops off a lovely, yellow InfoNotice, because oddly I was not at home from the hours of 2 to 5 in the middle of a work day. Odd.
5. UPS man/woman checks "A signature is required on delivery." I look to the back to read the instructions to make sure this is the one where I can just sign, not necessarily in person. It says, "If the 'A signature is required on delivery' box is checked, the driver must receive a signature either in person or by signing below." So I sign below and leave it for the driver.
6. The driver does not leave my package the next day and instead leaves a final notice. Great. (This was Tuesday.)
7. Wednesday evening I get home and there's a lovely book on my doorstep. Yes! No InfoNotice, no nothing. It's only 1 book and I remember that B&N split my order in two but still. I have 1 piece!
8. I'm about to travel over lunch to the boonies, where the UPS is oh-so conveniently located, when I decide to double check my tracking number online.
9. Hmmm... that's weird. It appears that my package is in fucking Pennsylvania. Rana - want some books?
10. I call the 800 number knowing my anger will most likely get the better of me and get a return phone call within an hour, as per policy.
11. The local UPS woman tells me the shipper insists on getting a signature in person. I politely (I think) inform the UPS woman that that was not the box that was checked on the multiple InfoNotices on my doors.
12. Then the local UPS woman decides that the driver must not have felt it was a safe location to leave a package, so that's why he didn't pay attention to the signature on the notice. I mention the package delivered the day before, just left on my doorstep, from UPS, presumably the same driver. I also mention how UPS packages are left on mine and my neighbors' doorsteps practically every week (I have 4 neighbors in my fourplex), so I doubt the usual driver has an issue with safety.
13. With no response, she informs me I must call the 800 number back and ask them to "intercept" my package. She apparently can't intercept my package and my only other option is to contact B&N and try to convince them to send me another package. Did I mention a couple of the books I ordered were 1 or 3 or some such low stock bullshit?
14. I call the 800 number. Oops. They can't do an intercept. I have to call the shipper.

Fucking shit, man. Now I have to call B&N, the original fuck-up and demand they send me my books all over again?

I hate B&N and UPS. I'm officially disgruntled. I can't even remember what books I ordered anymore. Damn.


Brandi said...

Amazon baby!

RanaElizabeth said...

That totally sucks about your order. I personally prefer B&N over any other bookstore online. Their customer satisfaction is pretty awesome. I've found that they're always willing to work with you. Good luck though!

RanaElizabeth said...

Did you get your books yet?

Tina said...

Hell no. B&N was no help whatsoever. They said I should just re-order but wouldn't you know, over half the books I originally ordered were no long available. I'm taking the refund and cursing both B&N and UPS.

RanaElizabeth said...

That sucks! I think that my situation with B&N is slight different as I probably spend around $50 or so a month there which is all traceable on their membership card. Every time I've had a problem, I've called and politely ask them to view my account history. They always bend over backwards getting me what I want. Plus, their warehouse is right outside of Philadelphia so I get books literally overnight.

Amazon, now those fuckers can go fuck themselves.

Borders, I'm neutral.

CK said...

I've never ordered from B&N online and now thanks to your little tale of woe, I probably never will.

Amazon (knock-on-wood) has been pretty decent with my orders.

RanaElizabeth said...

Amazon has screwed up everything I have ever bought from them. The thing that pisses me off about Amazon is that the majority of what you purchase off of their site isn't actually theirs, but instead they are just the intermediary. When dealing with a fucked up delivery, you have to deal with the company whose product you bought and not Amazon. Some of those companies just plain suck balls. It's a real crap-shoot with Amazon and delivers, in my opinion.

Apparently I hold some sort of loyalty to B&N and must defend them against all evil-doers and then also denounce any usurpers.